Sri Kutch Gurjar Kshatriya Samaj  

SHRI KUTCH GURJAR KSHATRIYA MAHASABHA  is the  CENTRAL BODY of Samaj. Founded and Established on 3rd June 1972 at an auspicious time at the most important and historical meeting at RAIPUR(M.P.)

Now If u see back into the history of KGK Samaj and information available from certain researchers and very old preserved documents of Barots (Bhats) keeping track of ancestors in their books, ancestors (true warrior Khatriyas) arrived into Kutch from Rajasthan in the 7th (seventh) century to fight and repel the unwanted alien's attack from middle east to save the dignity of our mother land. In the 10th (tenth) century Chawra's ( see history of Chawra's on separate page on this site) came from Saurashtra (Gujarat) and one Mr. PIYU CHAWRA established village named BHUVAD within Anjar taluka and got himself and his family with relatives settled there. By that time number of Khatriyas got settled at different places in Kutch and started earning their livelihood.

KUTCH IS THE LOVING HOME since then. In the 12th (twelth) century (1178-79) our ancestors made entry into one village named DHANETI in between Anjar and Bhuj of Kutch district. And gradually our ancestors moving from place to place in search of better living and prospects started settling in different villages at that time.

At that time 11 (eleven) villages named Anjar, Meghpar, Galpadar, Vidi, Nagalpar, Sinogara, Khambhara, CHANDIA, Lovaria, Kumbharia, and Devalia were the main centers where our ancestors settled. All 11 villages are nereby and around Anjar. The area is plain and in general called Ugamna Pat. Regarding Dungara Pat (area of small mountains) there are 7(seven) villages named Nagher, Kukma, Reha, Hajapar, Jambudi and Ratnal and Madhapar where our ancestors of different channels settled. The name of village Madhapar was given on the name of one Mr. Madha Kanji Solanki (3rd generation of Mr. Hemraj Hardas) who had shifted from Dhaneti village to Madhapar in the year 1473-74.

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