The period of Chawda (Chawra) (Chavdas)
  End of Solanki Era  SamantSingh & Mulraj  Yograj Vanraj Chawda Jaishikhari

The end of "Pratihar" rule was the beginning for Chawda dynasty. Their capital  "Ahilyapatak" (Ahilyavaad" was established under new name as "New Pattan" (presently Patan). Before that during "Maitrak" period, "Chaap" dynasty (another name of chawda) ruled over "Gurjardesh". Even in "Vadhvan"  "Diu" & "Dwarka" there were few rulers of same dynasty. They were also known as "Chapotkat" or "Chawda".

In addition to this there was Chawda rule in Saurashtra and Kachchh. Thus rulers of Chawda dynasty played an important role in the history of Gujarat, during "Maitrak" and post "Maitrak" era.

Gujarat attained its prosperity in political as well as cultural field in the long period from 942 A.D - 1300 A.D, during the reign of Solanki rule, who established their kingdom at "Ahilyavaad", the land of Chawda.

The description of Vanraj Chawda is found in the literature of Solanki dynasty. But no description of ancestors of Vanraj Chawda is found in any ancient literature. Although Jaishikhari, father of Vanraj has been described in Krishna Kavi's Hindi composition "Ratnamala" written during 17th - 18th century.

 It is quite difficult to determine the exact beginning of Chawda rule in "Panchasar".

- Translated from gujarati by Mrs. Vaishali Nagoree